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Join our community of global female immigrants and gain access to the skills, training, and network you need to restart or advance your career in the United States.

Join our community of global female immigrants and gain access to the skills, training, and network you need to restart or advance your career in the United States.

Global immigrant women community members

Speakers who share their expertise and tips with our community

Unique annual events and trainings to impart skills and inspire confidence

Immigrant-led sponsor organizations who support our mission

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Our supporters make it possible for us to provide valuable resources and experiences to our members. With your help, immigrants gain the confidence and skills they need to build thriving careers in a new country. Find out how you can sponsor us by providing a venue or in-kind donations for a professional event or training. Alternatively, you can do this through a financial contribution.

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Femigrants is perfect if you want to…

Understand and Adapt to the Local Work Culture

Get guidance on how to job search, prepare for interviews, and meet potential employers in the context of the local work culture

Connect With Diverse Women Leaders

Benefit from the guidance and support of successful professionals in your industry through mentorship.

Learn From Experts at Helpful Trainings and Events

Gain exclusive access to skill-building and networking events. Foster collaboration, inspiration, and confidence.

Propel Yourself Towards Career Success

Showcase your professional achievements. Gain greater visibility in your field so you can level up your career.

By joining the Femigrants family, you will gain access to a transformational community
and career resources that will help you build a bright future in the United States!

Are You Feeling Overwhelmed About Starting Over in a New
Country or Unsure of How to Advance Your Career?

If you’re like many immigrants, arriving in the USA is the start of a long journey to find your place in a new territory. If you have been in the USA for a while, it can be hard to advance into senior positions in your field. But you don’t have to walk this road alone. We’re passionate about helping you navigate career challenges no matter where in your journey you are.

If you answer “Yes!” to any of the following questions, Femigrants might be right for you…

Are you unsure how to succeed in an industry you’re already qualified for?

And being unsure how to transfer your skills to this new country prevents you from finding a job you love…

Do you feel like you are all alone in your career struggles?

And not knowing who to turn to for help is holding you back from success…

Do you feel intimidated applying for senior-level opportunities even though you have the skills and experience necessary?

And you’re frustrated that you are settling for jobs you are overqualified for instead of progressing upward…

Are you eager to become financially independent so you can support your family and give back to the community?

And you want to know you are progressing in your career so that you can give your family the life they deserve…

Is job searching and workplace culture in America a complete mystery to you?

And you don’t know where to turn to find the answers you need…

Do you want to level up your skills to expand your career opportunities?

And not knowing how to access knowledge and training is keeping you from finding career success…

If you’re looking for a supportive network to help you with your job search and interview preparation, we want to help. At Femigrants, we assist immigrants like you in navigating the process of rebuilding or advancing your career in America so you can enjoy the life you desire.

Reach Your Professional Goals & Thrive With Access to Game-Changing
Business Resources & Professional Networking Events

Access events and resources designed to help you build the cultural competency and connections you need. As part of the community, you’ll be supported to achieve successful employment in your industry. Unlike other professional communities which focus on immigrants from a particular country or field, Femigrants includes women of ALL ethnic and professional backgrounds. Whether you are a newcomer preparing to enter the job market or a mid- to senior-level professional hoping to advance, we can help. We do this through…

Events & Training

Learn how to use tools and develop skills. Covers public speaking, personal branding, strategic leadership, data analytics, and more. We help you prepare for cutting-edge jobs.

Mentorship & Coaching

Receive guidance from professionals in your industry. Have someone to turn to for support in your job search process. You will have access to experienced coaches and mentors to guide you.

Networking Opportunities

Connect with a diverse and inclusive community of industry leaders from all ethnic and professional backgrounds. Includes STEM and business experts eager to help you succeed.

Support From a Sisterhood

Learn from the stories of other immigrant experiences. Hearing about the challenges and successes of others will ensure you don’t feel alone and motivate you to move forward.

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Form meaningful relationships with other immigrant women who have been where you are, including successful leaders in different industries. You will learn valuable skills that will help advance your career and build a network of supportive women who can offer guidance and share experiences.

Get Exclusive Access to Incredible Resources and Events With a Femigrants Membership

Take your career to the next level by accessing special events
and mentors that are only available to our members.

Did you know?

We’ve Still Got Work To Do

In 2021, 10% of noncitizen workers with a college degree were employed in service jobs vs. 6% of U.S. born workers.

About 1 in 3 noncitizen workers were low-income compared with 15% of the U.S.-born workers.

College-educated immigrants are more likely than U.S.-born counterparts to be employed in construction or transportation jobs.

Immigrant women fared worse on poverty measures than either immigrant men or the native-born population.

All Too Often, Qualified Immigrants are Stuck Working in Low-Paying Jobs to Make Ends Meet

There’s no doubt immigrants make an important contribution to the U.S. economy. Unfortunately, too many educated and experienced immigrants are forced to take low-paying work that is not fulfilling or using their potential.

It is common for newly arrived immigrants with graduate-level degrees to work as cleaners or food servers. According to a 2020 survey conducted by the Pew Research Center, immigrants account for more than a quarter of workers in the agriculture sector and a significant share of workers in personal services, manufacturing, and hospitality. A study from the Urban Institute found that immigrants were 11% of all U.S. residents but 20% of low-wage workers.

Whether you’re having trouble building a career or business due to a lack of recognition of foreign credentials or you simply lack the network and cultural understanding to achieve your professional goals, we can help.

We Empower Immigrant Women to Bust Through
Barriers and Succeed in the U.S. Job Market

See How Femigrants Helps Immigrant Women Build
Their Lives and Achieve Their Dreams…

Meet the Fearless Female Founder Dedicated to Your Bright Future

“Hi, I’m Aytakin, and I know first-hand what it’s like to come to the United States from another country and struggle to find a fulfilling job despite having a successful career in your home country.

When I was a new immigrant, I found myself knocking on doors in San Francisco and finding low-paying jobs at restaurants even though I had extensive experience in my industry. Without any access to career resources or professional guidance, I struggled to find my way to success. 

I don’t want any other immigrant woman to go through the same hardship that I did. That’s why I created this diverse sisterhood that fosters mutual support, trust, and collaboration. 

Every immigrant woman should know how to showcase her skill sets, articulate her capabilities, and confidently request what she deserves – be it a promotion, investment, sponsorship, or anything else that will contribute to her success. By offering career advice and resources to immigrant women, Femigrants is bridging the gap between talented women and the opportunities they deserve. Now I’m excited to provide you the platform you need to achieve your professional goals and integrate into modern society.”

Aytakin Aliyeva,

Femigrants Foundation Founder

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If you’re seeking to have a meaningful community impact and help women,supporting Femigrants as a donor is an undeniably powerful way to do so. With your generous support, you will help equip immigrant women with tangible skills, resources, and connections to help them fulfill their American dream.

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Thanks to the generous support of our sponsors, we are able to offer professional networking events in the Bay Area. We also offer training that empowers our members to take control of their professional journey and achieve their career goals.

Are You Ready to Overcome the Challenges Standing Between You and a Thriving Career in Your New Country?

Your road to success starts here. Becoming a member of the diverse Femigrants community will connect you with other immigrant women and leaders from all ethnic backgrounds. This network will help you build the cultural competence you need to cultivate the career of your dreams.