Who Are We?

Femigrants is a professional community of diverse female immigrants. Spanning across many backgrounds and industries, Femigrants is committed to the wellness and success of every member.

Our Vision

To be a trusted hub for global immigrants seeking support, career guidance, and inspiration.

Our Mission

To help immigrant women achieve their professional goals and successfully integrate themselves into modern society.

Our Values

We admire D.I.V.E.R.S.I.T.Y

Devote - We encourage you to be a proactive member of the community and hold your fellow sisters high.

Integrity - Stand up for your principles even if it means to go the extra mile to complete your commitments.

Voice - Everyone has something to say, don’t let valuable opinions go unheard.

Empathize - Seek to understand the worth of the thoughts and feelings of members all around you.

Respect- Acknowledge that we all come from different regions of the world and everyone deserves the same level of respect.

Support - We encourage you to be always available to cheer each other up and show your support.

Inspire - Empower your peers and colleagues by encouraging them to be the best version of themselves.

Tolerate - Be patient with your fellow members even if they may have different ideas or opinions than you.

You - Your background is who you are. We believe every member is a unique and valuable part of the Femigrants family.

Our History


Femigrants is an online support network of female immigrants founded in 2017 by entrepreneur Aytakin(Ika) Aliyeva. Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, California, Aytakin aims to develop a unique sisterhood that supports each other and the daily challenges they face.


Aytakin's personal struggles as an immigrant and mother of two inspired her to build a global community that supports immigrant women of all cultures. Her challenges began soon after she moved to the United States from her home country Azerbaijan. Despite her successful career back home in media education & marketing, it was especially difficult for her to both integrate herself into a new society and re-build her career once again. Migrating to a new country comes with its unique challenges. Ika struggled to keep her confidence high as she felt her lack of cultural integration significantly held her back from finding job opportunities.


Through hard work and the support of a few friends, Ika was slowly able to regain her confidence and achieve high level positions at multiple fortune 500 companies such as Instagram, AR/VR (previously Oculus), and Nvidia. Driven to continue her progress, Aytakin researched distinguished immigrants’ and conducted interviews to better understand the processes that led to their achievements. Soon after she published the inspirational stories of these women she began working on a method of supporting and connecting immigrants to the resources they could use to one day succeed.


It wasn’t long before Aytakin began leading and managing the Femigrants community as a volunteer while she worked at another full time position. For the next 3 years Ayakin organized 15 local events around the Bay Area, published inspirational success stories, and posted videos of important immigrant representatives. Through growing popularity Femigrants was soon published in business & tech magazines such as Forbes and Intuit. All this was possible through the help of over 50 volunteers and local companies sponsoring the events.


Soon Aytakin decided to leave her full time position at Facebook in order to take Femigrants to the next step. Seeking professional support she joined the Founder Institute to jump-start her idea into a growing business. Finally in 2019, Aytakin decided to turn Femigrants into a startup aiming to have a sustainable business structure.

New Era

Femigrants is currently a benefit corporation that offers a professional online platform for immigrant women. This platform allows anyone to share their experiences, achievements, and most importantly immerse themselves into a welcoming community of supportive members.

Our Services

Femigrants offer the necessary resources to accelerate careers and achieve successes through these important programs and services for immigrant women.

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Professional Profile

Highlight your experience and best accomplishments to get noticed by the right people at the right time.

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Online Forums

Join a supportive environment full of experts for those seeking answers to important questions.

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Instant Messaging

A quick and easy way to stay connected with your favorite members and build long-lasting relationships.

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Member Directory

Find members in a variety of ways - from specialty to geographically to alphabetically for whatever suits your needs more.

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Attend online workshops to develop your knowledge and skills on cultural adaptation, career advancement, and public speaking.

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Join networking events including panel discussions, fireside chats and Business Clubs to build long-lasting relationships.

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Success Stories

Get inspired by the achievements of our team members and learn how they benefited from our platform’s resources.

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Tap into the wisdom of our community on all topics, from personal and professional, lifestyle to day-to-day advice.

Champions of Change

We want you to join the team of champions and together take Femigrants to the next stage!

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