The strength of a community lies in the unity of its individuals

When we empower immigrant women, we fortify the very foundation of our shared prosperity.
By uniting in support, we weave a story of resilience, strength, and shared success.

Empowering immigrant women isn’t just a noble endeavor. It’s an investment in the prosperity of our entire community. Their strength, once unleashed, becomes a beacon of inspiration for us all.

We are grateful to our board members for bringing a wealth of experience and expertise to our organization. We value your guidance and support, which is essential to our success.

Board of Directors

Benefits of joining the Femigrants’ Board:

Make a difference in the lives of immigrant women and familieses

Gain valuable experience and expertise in nonprofit governance

Connect with other like-minded individuals

Help Femigrants achieve its mission

Increase visibility for your work on making a social impact

Be recognized on the Femigrants website

Get featured on the Femigrants newsletter and social media

… and more

We have opportunities for Advisory Board members to join our board. Advisory Board members provide guidance and support to the board of directors, but they are not responsible for the day-to-day operations of the organization.

Board Members

Become a Board Member

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